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Being Discriminated Against At Work?

Video published with permission – EEOC Houston

Here at EU Radio Awards, we believe in standing up for your rights. Sometimes that means you will have to stand up to your employer. Now look…we are not telling you to become some kind of obnoxious millennial snowflake who needs a safe space at the office! But it’s 2017 and NOBODY should ever have to put up with any kind of racial discrimination…or any kind of discrimination.

For more info…employment lawyer video.

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What Is The Best Concealed Carry Gun?

Last month we talked about the best way to get your concealed carry permit online, and now that you are all licensed, you should begin thinking about which handgun you are going to carry everyday.

If you’re looking for your first concealed carry gun, or you just want a good quality, reliable concealed carry gun on a budget, this video is for you. We cover the top 3 best choices for concealed carry guns under 0.

Of course there are a million other great options out there. These are just 3 good options to start with that we have personally had great experience with. The only way to tell what’s right for you is to get to the range and try shooting a few different guns.

You can find more training here…

Clearing Common Handgun Malfunctions

In this episode of Concealed Carry Television (CCTV), Alien Gear Holsters’ Chuck Hupp will cover several common firearm malfunctions and how to clear them. Check out more from Alien Gear Holsters at

Chuck begins by explaining the “Failure to Fire” or FTF malfunction, which happens when you pull back the trigger and the gun neglects to fire. This may happen for several reasons, including a dirty gun or incompatible ammunition. To troubleshoot this issue (for lack of a better term), rack the slide and attempt to make way for another bullet in the chamber. This may work.
If it happens again, it could be the type of ammunition you’ve used in your gun. Also check the handguns magazine. See if that helps your FTF malfunction.

If you’ve shot a variety of pistols, there’s a good chance that you have ran into the ever-common “Failure to Eject” malfunction, which happens when your spent casing does not come out. A common reason for this is due to a “Stove Pipe”. This happens when the spent casing becomes lodged in the ejection area. It becomes jammed in the slide. The casing may also expand inside the barrel. You may want to invest on an AYOOB Dejammer.

Chuck also advises that you check your ammunition to assure that it is not considered an “underpowered round”, which will prevent your gun’s slide from making a full cycle.

If you run into a Squib load, use the AYOOB Dejammer after you’ve released the magazine, opened the slide, and looked through your barrel.
Be sure to secure your handgun inside an Alien Gear Holster, the most comfortable and concealed carry holsters on the market.

Also check out the new Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster at and join the concealed carry evolution!

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Best Ruger LC9 Holster

Quick look and review of the Turtle Creek IWB Holster for the Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace laser.

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Single Stack Glock 9mm

Shooting and comparing the Glock 43 single-stack 9mm. I’ve been carrying and shooting the Glock 43 since it hit the shelves last week and have pretty well determined what I think about it and how it works.
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